Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving in Washington

November 25, 2009 Wednesday
I worked 10 hours today. They called me in early. And I had planned on finishing my packing before work. So when I got done working I had to rush home and finish packing.
4:50pm When I finally got on the freeway. I picked up Katie at her apartment and I drove to Nancy’s home in Twin Falls.
7:30pm Katie and I arrived at Nancy’s home. Nancy took Katie on a tour since it was the first time Katie had been there. They feed us dinner, and we played Catch phrase for a few minutes.
8:30pm Back on the road again. Katie drove.
3:45am We arrived at Jason’ house. We hadn’t expected to arrive so early, the garmin doesn’t account for time changes.
4:15am Back on the road again. Jason drove.
6:30am We arrived at Ben’s house. He was already up with Kiersten. Before long we were upstairs playing Ben’s new video game while Katie slept. And soon Ben and Jason kicked me out of the Wii game because I kept dying.
I helped Kara set the table for Thanksgiving. She did such a good job. Little children are so sweet and pure.
We had a good Thankgiving dinner early in the afternoon. We were all so hungry, we didn’t even wait for the potatoes to get done. We had some good ham, no turkey. I think that is the first time in my life I didn’t have turkey on Thanksgiving. Becky made homemade rolls and pies. We had corn on the cob (my favorite vegetable) and other good stuff. We had a nice day talking and playing games. I end up watching TV whenever they go back to playing their video game. I did miss seeing my mom, dad, and my sister Pam today. (and of course little Nicole)

November 27, 2009 Friday
Katie and I tried to get to Wal Mart at 5am. We arrived a few minutes late, and the store was jammed with people. We got a few things.
6:15am we arrived at Fred Meyer. Katie and I love to shop there the day after Thanksgiving. We’ve shopped there for years and they always have the same sales. It was 9am by the time we left. I spent way too much money, but I bought a lot of gifts. Meanwhile Jason was at the house alone. Ben had gone to work, Becky had taken the girls shopping. Then I slept for a long time. Becky brought the girls back and Jason and Katie watched them. Ben got off work early. We played a game and then Ben wrestled with his printer to get it to print our Zoo tickets for the Zoo lights. We finally arrived at 7:35pm. It was so neat, they had beautiful lights everyone, and animals made of lights. I loved it. They have a really nice acquarium and we spent a lot of time there. We stayed until it closed at 9am.

November 28, 2009 Saturday
After breakfast I watched a dull movie called Reach with Jason and Ben. It was a true story about
(I just copies this from my journal, I'll fix it later and add pictures)

Monday, November 16, 2009

A wild weekend

I knew this weekend would be crazy, but it was tons of fun.
I went to dinner at Texas Roadhouse with Mark since it was the only time I would see him this weekend. Driving back home I got so sleepy I went to bed and slept for 8 hours (instead of driving to Twin Falls).
I got up at 4:45am. Got ready to go and left just as the snow was starting in Idaho Falls. By the time I got to Blackfoot, the roads were sheets of ice and then most of my trip was at just 45 mph. I finally arrived at Nancy's home at 10am.
At 11:00am Nancy's baby shower began.

Tons of people arrived, there were 30 women and 4 kids!!! And 12 other ladies stopped by before and after the shower. Everyone thing was really nice, and Nancy has a beautiful home.
At 1:30pm I had to rush off, there were still a few guest at Nancy's when I left. I got to Pocatello to the Holt arena to see Katie perform at her last ISU football game.

It was a great game, but so long........I kept thinking I should leave, get on the road to my mom and dad's house, but the game was really good, and the ISU Bengals won in the last 35 seconds. I got lots of good pictures which I'll post later.
7:20pm back on the road again driving to my mom and dad's house. Mom and I played one game of May I and we went to bed.
9:30am I went to breakfast with Mom and Dad.

Then Dad and I loaded all his pop can into the back of his truck. I helped Mom put away Halloween decoration and then brought up Thanksgiving decorations. I washed sheets and made all 5 beds downstairs for my family coming at Christmas time. And that was a lot of work, cause I was still trying to clean and organzie the area too.

Ta da! I worked hard to prepare these room for Christmas company.

Mom and I made time for just 3 hands of Kings in the Corner. I won for the first time ever!

Then Pam and her kids called me and wanted me to come by their house on my way home. They called me a bunch and really made me feel wanted. So at 8:00pm I arrived at Pam's house.

I gave them some pirate shirts I bought on sale and we played 2 games: Bones and the animal game.

It was 12:30am when I got home and then I had to take care of Sky. It was very cold outside. I hear with the wind chill last night it got down to minus 11.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Nancy's Baby Shower

We had Nancy's Baby Shower today at my house. It turned out really nice.

High School friends: Destiny, Nancy, and Ericka.

Friday, November 6, 2009

I'm excited

I'm excited for everyone to arrive this weekend. I'm hoping I get to see most of my relatives. I've been preparing all week for Nancy's baby shower tomorrow.

I let Nancy open the gifts from me on Friday night since we needed to set them out for the Price is Right game.

Our daughter Amber spent hours making the best diaper cake ever.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween

Well, I started out the day with a sore throat) (still. So I didn't go to a Cedar Badge meeting in Pocatello that I was planning on going to. Not feeling good sure did put a damper on my week.
Trick or Treaters started coming at 5:45 while it was still light. It was beautiful weather for Trick or Treating, 53 degrees and no wind.
Katie called me at 6:45pm and said that she and Jake were driving up to Idaho Falls. Katie requested the traditonal Halloween food. So I ran to the store and made hot apple cider and sloppy joes. We played Uno Spin all evening.
We had a lot of Trick or Treaters this year, 153. I think it was because of the nice weather. I had a nice Halloween because Katie came home to visit. Kids, and their excitment is what makes Halloween fun. I miss the days when my kids were at home. (I will find an old picture later)

A mouse in the house

We have a mouse in our bedroom!
I was looking for the stepic stick to treat the 4 cold sores on my lips when I discovered that the top drawer beside my bed had mouse turds in it…eeeww……!!!!!!
So today (Saturday) Mark was looking in his dresser drawer that sits across the room from our bed for some papers and discovered mouse turds…….eweeeee………He pulled the drawer out to clean it out and all of a sudden he yells “the mouse is in the drawer” I rushed into the bedroom, Mark is kneeling on the floor in front of his drawer and he says “hand me a shoe quick” I just looked at him because we keep all our shoes downstairs in the locker room. The in-wall vacuum hose was laying on the floor (because I had vacuumed out my drawer by my bed that I had found mouse turds in) and Mark says “Hand me the vacuum, I’ll vacuum him up.” I protested as I handed him the hose because I’m picturing this mouse traveling through the tubing in the walls to the canister in the garage and the mouse getting stuck.
Needless to say, as Mark lifted the book and mouse ran by him to the other side of the room super, super quick. I thought it was so funny that Mark thought he could actually vacuum up a mouse. Ha, Ha

A few minutes later Evan called and Mark said “I have a mouse in the house”

Sick Puppy

Not really, my puppy is fine in his old age. But I was sick. On Monday I went to the eye doctor. I have a severe case of dry eye with an open sore on my right eye. I have 3 different eye drops to use. My eye is raally painful, waters alot and is super sensitive to light. Then on Wednesday I had a fever of 102. Thursday the sore throat hit me and didn't totally disappear until Sunday. I had to leave church this morning because my eye and nose were running so bad. I wish my eye would hurry and heal up. I see the eye doctor again on Tuesday.