Saturday, June 23, 2012

Happy Asthma

Is there such a thing as Happy Asthma? Well I had my two week appointment after my last visit with my Asthma doctor when I was so sick, and I came out grinning ear to ear. I have been taking a steriod Advair inhalor each day since the year 2000. When I got the oral thrush this month, Dr. Petty took me off of Advair, and just used nebulizer treatments to handle my asthma. So I stepped it up with the Doterra essential oils I started using this spring. I put "Breathe" in the diffuser each night and put the oil on my chest and on my sinus areas on my face. My pulmonary test on Wednesday, June 20th, was the best I've every had since the year 2000!!! All my pulmonary functions are over 100%! And I was able to blow out all the candles on the cake! (the test) The doctor was happy, I am happy! Woohoo!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Missing the Family Gatherings at Dad's old home

I couldn't resist going by to see our old family home in Salt Lake City after I dropped Robyn off at her parent's house. The iron posts on the front porch have all been removed and replaced with wood posts. Here are the iron posts leaning against the side of the garage. This is the fireplace hearth leaning against the garage wall. The new owner has cut down a lot of trees. I discovered that in this pile a trees and limbs is an apple tree that my great, great Grandfather Howard planted.

Bike ride with FFL

Twelve of us from my FFL group went on a bike ride on June 8th in the morning. We had a enjoyable bike ride around the paths around the Snake River that runs through town.

Women's Conference 2012

My best friend from High School, Robyn Brower, flew in from Texas and we went to the BYU Women's Conference together. I had an absolutely fabulous time. This is a picture of service projects I worked on. And it is always fun to eat and talk together. At the close of Women's Conference. On Thursday night they have a good concert. A picture of the Logan Temple that I liked. The BYU Bookstore always has lots of good specials during Women's Conference. So, I want to make this offer, while I'm feeling generous. Any of my daughters and daughter-in-laws, that would like to attend next year with me, I will pay for your registration as a Christmas gift. I don't understand why my words aren't printed beneath the pictures, dumb program.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Camping at Palisades Creek Campground

For Father's Day weekend Mark wanted to go camping. Mark took our trailer up on Thursday and so did Amber and Shaun. The rest of us arrived Friday morning. Evan pitched a tent, and some of his friends were in the campsite next to us. And two interns; Sam and Derek, pitched a tent too. On Saturday, well, I'll finish writing later.

Leave No Trace Trainer

I attended a two day class to become a Leave No Trace Trainer on June 8th and 9th. On Saturday we went a a 6 mile hike. The trail was crappy since Motorbikes use it too. But the canyon and the view was beautiful, and I enjoy trails that you only go one way on (when you have a vehicle dropped off at the other end of the trail). My only problem was that I got a bad blister on the back of my right foot. I haven't had any blisters for years. I think it was because my foot slid on an orthodic I was wearing inside my hiking boot. But, I enjoyed the training, and I am looking forward to teaching it at Scout Camp this summer.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Horribly sick

It's been a long time since I've been so sick. It started last Thursday afternoon, and 1 week later (today) I went to see Dr. Petty, my asthma doctor. I spent 2 hours in his office today. A week ago, I lost my voice, and had a runny nose. So I treated it as a cold. Then decided it had made my asthma flare up, so I treated it as asthma and started using my nebulizer. I can't sleep for barely an hour before I awake coughing up phlem. Breathing makes me have a dry cough. I have been miserable, yet trying to carry on a normal life. Women don't get to lie in bed and be sick. Yesterday I added cough syrup to my regiman and got new medicine for my nebulizer. But today I gave up and went to the doctor. I have still never recovered my voice, it is an effect to speak and I usually cough. First Dr. Petty thought it was a severe sinus infection, which I do believe my sinus is infected, but there is no drainage, and I can breathe through my nose. Then he gave me a nebulizer treatment, because my breathing functions were so poor. I improved hugely. Then he decided I have a Thrush infection because I haven't been rinsing my mouth out after taking my Advair inhalor. Oh man, to think I brought this upon myself! Anyway I have a ton of drugs to take, and hope to get better quickly.