Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Back in Twin Falls again

Nancy finally came to stay at my house. We arrived at my house at 11:30pm on November 11, 2011

We traveled back to Twin Falls late Monday night so Nancy could work Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday and I could take care of Tommy and Whitney.

Whenever Whitney got attention, Tommy wanted to be included too.

Tommy at his "wild" time of day - using up all his energy

Grandma and Tommy watching his favorite movie "Cars"

November 17, 2011

Visiting Betty and Dawn in Victoria

Mark and I arrived at Dawn's house (Uncle Charlie's sold his home to Dawn) at noon on November 5th. We flew home on November 11th.

We spent most of our time helping Betty with her finances. When Dawn and David moved in all her papers got thrown away by accident.

We drove to Goliad to Betty's sister's old home. She died 2 years ago and it sits just like it was when she died.

A Day with Robyn

On November 4th my son Ben drove me to the Seattle airport. I picked up my rental car and d rove to Robyn's home. I didn't arrive there until 3pm. We talked and visited, and she showed me her awesome garden. She works hard on her garden and it shows. Then David, Robyn, her friend and I went to dinner at a mexican restaurant. Then we went to the Houston Symphony. I really enjoyed it. Then we walked around downtown because David wanted to show us where his new office would be. Then we drove to Danny's eagle Project, strain. When we got back to the house Robyn and I stayed up until 310am am talking. The next morning I was late getting up and therefore late getting to the airport to pick up Mark.

Trip to Ben & Becky's House

I left Idaho Falls at 3:30am on October 27th. I left my car at Nancy's house and drove with VICTOR AND Nancy's to the Ben and Becky's home in Auburn, Washington.

The Twins Birthday Party

Pictures to come