Tuesday, September 29, 2009

My baby turned 20 today

I had a fun day with Katie today. It was her 20th Birthday. It is hard to see the baby of your family turn 20 years old. Time goes by so quickly, and I don't feel as old as I am.

I took Katie to breakfast at Elmer's in Pocatello. It is almost as good as Smitty's.

Miranda made the cutest cupcakes for Katie.

Katie has decorated her bedroom cute.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Baby time

The last two Thursdays I've had the great joy of helping to take care of Sam and Will. The babies are so sweet and it is such a challenge to care for two babies at the same time. This Thursday I was at Amber's house for 10 hours, and the Thursday before it was 5 hours. I will post pictures later.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Is this living?

It seems like I never get to do anything fun anymore. My days off are split, Thursday and Sunday, so I rarely get to go anywhere. Last weekend was as usual, Mark had 3 days off and runs off to play. I worked Saturday morning. Then I attempted to have a Mary Kay party, but no one came. I went over to my friend's house for dinner (the other Mary Kay dealer is Patty, my scuba friend), our Mary Kay manager is her sister. Anyway, Patty's husband was going to build a shed, but now it is huge and he calls it his "Man Cave"

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Quick trip

I was able to make a quick trip to see my mom and dad in Salt Lake City on my one day off. I worked from 10pm Friday to 6am Saturday morning. I was glad I came to see them. I've been worried about my dad since his hospital stay last month. I rode with a co-worker and his son, they dropped me off at Denny's on 45th South and my sister Pam came to pick me up. We ate breakfast and then went to garage sales on the way to Mom and Dad's house. We had the best dinner, mom has found a chinese restaurant that delivers.

My mom the Happy Winner.

We played lots of games on Saturday. My mom had the best hand ever!!!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

My grandson Samuel is in the hospital

Samuel Ivan Birch is in the hospital. On Tuesday at 4:45pm I got a text from Amber saying they were checking Sam into the hospital because he is not gaining weight. She asked me to go to their house and help Great Grandma Van Sickle to care for William. By 8:33pm that evening they had diagnosed Sam with hyperthyroid. Amber has hyperthyroid and was taking a medicine during pregnancy. Sam will have to take the drug now and slowly go off it in the next 12 weeks. He has a fast heartbeat and high blood pressure, so he has to take a medicine for that. He heart is also enlarged and he has a heart murmer. They think this is all a result of the hyperthroid problem, so it should clear up.

So Tuesday night I slept an hour and a half and went to work from Amber's house. She lives closer to the Post Office, so that was nice. I worked 10 hours, and then I had my first chiropractor appointment. I didn't get back to Amber's house until almost 12:30pm. I slept for 3 and a half hours and then went to my union meeting, and then right back to Amber's house. Sweet little William, who weighs a pound more since birth, fell asleep on my chest while I was lying on the couch about 9pm. Amber came home at 10:45pm, but I just let Will sleep, he was sleeping so good. He didn't wake up until 3am. I changed him, or tried to, he wet on 2 diapers, his blanket, his clothes, and woke up Amber so I let her take over. So I left, picked up hamburgers for my co-workers, and went shopping at Wal Mart. I got home at 5am this morning.

But, back to the babies; They tested William on Wednesday for hyperthyroid, but he doesn't have it and is doing fine. Sam has already inproved and has gained an ounce. They say he will be in the hospital about 2 more days. Shaun had vacation scheduled this week, and it's a good thing, a parent has to stay with Sam in the hospital.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A Fun Labor Day Weekend

We went camping at Tony's Grove Campground in Utah above Logan. We had a great time.
Friday: I got off work at 8:30am. Mark and I had planned on leaving at 9am, but at noon, Mark, Betty (Mark's mother) and I finally left the house with the trailer in tow. We stopped briefly at Pam's house in Smithfield to get water for the trailer and quickly left since it was in the 90's. Poor old Sky on on the shelf by the back window of the truck and sitting at a stop light in Logan the temperature was 99 degrees. We were happy to get out of the heat. We were just settling into our campsite at Tony's Grove when Jake and Katie arrived.
Pam and Danny arrived late, and here they are eating their campfire foil dinners.

We played lots and lots of games on Saturday.

Trevor and Jake playing different games

noon on Saturday. The group site had a nice long table that we enjoyed.
Time for more games. Mark's mother Betty loves to play games too.

Danny and his best friend.

Sweet 5 year old Chloe

We had delicious Dutch Oven Meatloaf for dinner on Saturday.

My sweet old dog Sky is 9 years old now and has a hard time moving around.

Exhausted Colter. We had lots of campfires since both Mark and Danny brought firewood.

Sunday Breakfast: We tried out egg cooked in an orange and Trevor cooked bacon for us over the campfire. He is a good boy scout!
.....And then My camera died.....