Sunday, September 27, 2015

General Women's Conference in Salt Lake City

  Eight of us traveled together to Salt Lake City on Friday afternoon.  I went with three of my friends that live in my ward: Kristin Wayment, Sue Ellen Warmouth, and Christina Johnson.  We went to dinner at the Old Spagetti Factory at Trolley Square and then went to our hotel.

  Just before I left for my trip, Mark's ammo supply arrived.  Unbelievable.

  The four girls (daughters) who went with us; Emma (18), Lily(10), Rebecca (10), and Jenness (16).  This picture was taken just as we were leaving the hotel to take the 2 older girls to the Salt Palace for the Comic Convention.

  We shopped for hours at IKEA and ate lunch.  I thought this bed was cute, and would have it for my grandkids, if I had lots of money, and Katie's bedroom was empty.  It sure is fun shopping with friends and getting ideas from them.

  Sue Ellen has painful knee problems, so we waited at the Conference Center while the other 6 went to park the car.  It took a really long time  and they had a really hard time trying to find a place to park.  In no time at all, I had secured the 8 tickets we needed to get into the Conference Center.  The host by the corner coached me,  He said just stand here and hold up how my fingers you need tickets for and it worked.  Then we waited in the sun in 90 degrees for the others to arrive.

  The Conference was inspiring and I'm so thankful and happy I was able to be there.  All 21,000 seats in the Conference Center were filled.
President Uchtdorf gave a wonderful talk.  I can hardly wait to reread it and study it.
It's already been published.  I hope you will take time to read it.  The story is about a girl named Ava.

  Temple Square after the Conference.

  Not so great selfie on Temple Square.

  And then when I got home at 1am Sunday morning, this box was sitting in my entry.  Unbelievable again!  Mark bought a huge gun safe, 59 inches tall to put in our bedroom.  And then when I went in our bedroom, he had moved my full length mirror behind our door and put the stupid safe there!  grrrrrrrr.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Mufasa, Lost and Found

I was amazed to see how long it has been since I had put anything on this blog.
On Saturday we returned from a friends house BBQ and discovered that Mufasa was missing. 
We spent a lot of time searching for him.  On Sunday morning I was supposed to go to the cabin with Mark and Betty, but I refused to leave without Mufasa being found. So instead I attended church and bore my testimony in Relief Society (I didn't mention the cat).  It was fast sunday and so I fasted and prayed for Mufasa's return.  I posted about my missing cat on Facebook, Craig's List, and Nextdoor.  On Monday morning I had designed a Lost Cat Flyer and was getting ready to print some when my friend Barbara Winder called me.  We have a "Nextdoor" Skyline-Eagle-Rock Group of neighbors and she had received an e-mail about my lost cat. Another blessing, because I didn't use a lot of printer ink to print flyers.   So Mufasa was missing from Saturday about 5pm until Monday morning at 11am. It was amazing how far up in a huge tree he was since his front feet are declawed.  He was up in the tree 25 to 30 feet.
 I'm so glad to have him back.  He ate briefly and had a long exhausted looking sleep. I've kept their leashes on them since he returned so they can easily be stopped from running out the door. (I think Mufasa escaped from the  house to the garage when one of our four interns went out to get food from the refrigerator, then went out the garage window, and then excaped from the chain link fenced back yard.
My Nextdoor post:
Found in the Neighborhood                                                              
Vicky Van Sickle from Skyline-Eagle Rock
Photo from Vicky Van Sickle
This Neighborhood site really works! Thanks to a great neighborhood, I have my dear little declawed cat back! I live on Blue Ridge Circle, a friend who (who lives on Oma Jean Dr. ) saw my posting about a lost cat. She had sent her son to feed a neighbor's cat who lives on Harold Dr. and her son heard a cat up in a tree meowing loudly. She called me and I rushed over. A man (who lives on Blue Camas Court) heard me talking to my cat and said he would climb the tree for me and get him down. Many thanks to all those who helped rescue my cat.