Thursday, March 7, 2013

March 6th

I'm posting more pictures than usual so I can share my trip with Mark, who stayed home to work. Wednesday, March 6th. It snowed a heavy wet snow during the night so the kids were excited to go outside to play. Tommy wanted to pull Whitney on the tubing sled, but found it too difficult by himself.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Trip to visit Victor & Nancy's family-March 5th

I traveled ALL day on Monday to get to Nancy's home. It was a very long day and I felt miserable. This is my carry on luggage that I hauled around most of the day. In the black back pack was 29 pounds of ceramic dishes for Nancy's 2012 Christmas, and her 2013 Birthday!  It was very heavy to haul around. In this picture I was trying to show how crowded the Denver airport was. The picture of my blue bag is to show Mark that I did it! I got the whole case of chili into my bag. Whitney loves to build with her blocks. The flash on my camera is so bright, that it causes people to close their eyes (including me) The items on the counter, are all the stuff I brought with me for the Sutherland family (except the 2 sweet grandkids)Nancy was holding Tucker, but in seconds Tommy and Whitney joined her.  Nancy opened her Christmas 2012 gift.  I tried bringing it last December, but my bag tipped over in the St. Louis airport, and the 6 ceramic bowls broke into bits.And then Nancy opened her early Birthday present. 

 Whitney is holding the "stuffed tree" that I brought for Tucker.    More pictures of having fun with blocks.  The first set of pictures were taken with my phone, these were taken with my camera.