Tuesday, April 24, 2012

April 2012

Well, I've have seen many things on this trip that I've never seen before. I've never been to any of the states in this area of the United States. So: #1 I flew to Indianappolis, Indiana on April 10th. Nancy drove to pick me up and we drove back to Layfayette. #2 They threw a surprise birthday party for me at Nancy's home! Victor's sister Kayleen, and her two daughters are visiting this week too. Nancy made my favorite dinner - lasagna! And a really yummy chocolate cake. #3 On Wednesday we drove across the state of Illinois on small 2 lane roads to Nauvoo. I have been so excited to go. I have been looking forward to going to Nauvoo for years and years. The 8 of us stayed in a 2 bedroom condo for 2 nights. I LOVED getting to tour the buildings that have been restored in Nauvoo. We also had the opportunity to attend a temple session in Nauvoo, and I loved that too. Kayleen's family left to drive back to Virginia on Saturday. During the next week, Nancy and I prepared for Whitney's Birthday Party on Saturday. I loved getting to watch Tommy and Whitney play together. #4 On Saturday, the 21st, Nancy threw an awesome 1st Birthday Party for Whitney. Ben and Becky's family drove up on Friday night when Ben got off work. I had a wonderful weekend being with two of children and their beautiful families. #5 I drove to Chicago with Victor and Nancy's family. My 1st visit to the windy city of Chicago. And indeed it was windy! I was really impressed with Lake Michigan, and Chicago seems to be a beautiful city built on the shores of Lake Michigan. Our first stop was the Lincoln Zoo. Then we explored the entire Millinium Park. Then we walked down the Navy Pier. And just before we left, I went on a Lake speedboat tour. Tommy and I went, and he fell asleep halfway through the boat ride.