Sunday, March 4, 2012

February visit to see Mom & Pam's family

I drove to Smithfield on Monday the 27th and back home on the 28th.
Trevor loves to draw. This is one of his drawings.
Pam and Danny now have a salt water fish tank. This is one of their two fish.
This is the other salt water fish, a yellow Tang.
I was awake in the middle of the night and took a partial picture of mom's newly remodeled kitchen.

New Dog House

Samson came to live with us in December 2010. While Mark was at the cabin, I built a shelter from the winter weather for Samson on December 31st. Now don't laugh, it is a shelter.
Samson got a new dog house yesterday. It was miserable, cold weather with the wind blowing. But Samuel Miller had offered to help build a new dog house for Samson, and so he did.
Sam Miller loves dogs, and Samson and I'm so grateful he came to live with us.