Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My Birthday and I am not a senior citizen!

My birthday celebration has been spread out, and it sure has helped to face the big dreaded DOUBLE FIVE Birthday. And no, I don't feel any different, and not I'm not a senior citizen!
On March 13th I was visiting Nancy and Victor for the weekend in Twin Falls. Nancy made me a delicious birthday dinner: spinach lasagna. It was nice that I was able to celebrate with them. They gave me a battery operated Dolphin fountain.
On March 30th my visiting teachers delivered 3 beautiful pink roses to my work. Since then I've been getting birthday wishes from all my co-workers too.
Then that evening Amber cooked me another delicious birthday dinner: swedish meatballs, my favorite vegies, and a fantastic cheesecake. Brian and Nele were there too. Mark and Shaun went to bed (they catch the site bus early) and the rest of us played speed scrabble after dinner.
Tonight Mark and I are going to dinner with our friends David and Joni to the Sandpiper Restaurant. They are going to have a tough job to trying to cook a meal as good as my daughters Nancy and Amber did. Joni and I share the same birthday and we are a lot alike.
But my actual birthday day started at midnight when I went to the storage room to look for some easter stuff and found water on the floor. So I spent the next couple hours taking care of that. I beleve the rain gutter outside is clogged with leaves and we had a lot of rain yesterday. So when they tried to call me in early to work, the phone ring did not wake me.
I've received several happy birthday phone calls already, so thanks everyone for helping me through the tough DOUBLE FIVE.